We’re a friendly club that encourages novices right through to skilled players. We take our social scene as seriously as having a good laugh on the volleyball court and getting a decent work out.

We’re always looking for new players so come and give us and volleyball a go. :)

‘Tis a new season – training info!

Our indoor training sessions have now fully restarted.

Don’t forget that its….

Every Wednesday  20:15 -  21:45 @QMC ( Men focus)

Every Friday         19:30 -  21:00 @QMC ( Ladies focus)

And newcomers are encouraged to come to one or both, – all levels welcome.

Please come 5 minutes before the session start so we can make the most of our court time.

QMC = Queen’s Mary College’s Sports Hall off Cliddesden Road in Basingstoke.

Mixed match report 13-Jan-2013

Match 1 – Maidenhead Mixed 2 (lost 1-2)

29-27 25-21 12-15

Basingstoke began with a very confident start against maidenhead. There was good blocking against a good team. Both teams began with very assertive play. A round of lucky serving shots from maidenhead took them into an 18 to 13 lead against the Lions. A spirited fight back by the Lions took the score to 25-25 with Maidenhead to serve. Again the short serves mixed with serve net touches caught Basingstoke out leading to Maidenhead winning the first set 29 to 27.

An encouraging start in the second set took Basingstoke to an early lead of 4-2 which went onto to 6-3. The dominating part of Maidenhead was the pin point setting which kept them in the game.

Consistent play from Basingstoke kept them ahead. Maidenhead had no answer for Basingstoke number 52; Martin Bendzak’s short hits and deep fast spikes. A solid team effort put Basingstoke’s lead to 22-17 and continued on to a well deserved win of the second set.

Set 3 was a very mixed bag from both sides. Some nice rallies took Maidenhead into the lead by 2 points.

Maidenhead seemed to be steaming away when a re-focused Lions would not lay down. They fought until the bitter end, but an unfortunate few lucky shots got through. Basingstoke lost the first match with a set 3 final score of 15-11.

MVP: Martin Bendzak

Match 2 – Farnborough Lions (won 2-1)

9-25 25-23 15-13

A positive start from both teams with Basingstoke showing the most finesse, but also the most mistakes. Those mistakes let the visiting side down over the next 6 points taking the score to 17 to 8 in Farnborough’s favour. Basingstoke lost the set 9-25. The team were beginning to look fatigued with heads beginning to lower.

Team captain Jan Ngiam decided a change of players were needed. Two subs came on and helped to re-energise the squad. Both teams fought hard but a complete change in tactics led basingstoke to a 25-23 win in the second set. With Farnborough looking worried and beginning to lose focus, the Lions took advantage of their hindered pace.

Basingstoke came out of the blocks and into the third set with new vigour, a new attitude and a totally new game plan. New players were assigned different roles , remaining players made diffeent approaches. with speed and an increase in game pace ensuring Basingstoke never went behind. Previous attackers became defensive, each Basingstoke block was covered by 2 people for the tip and the rebound. Movement on the court was fluid with nothing but positivity towards every point whether it was won or lost. The Basingstoke Lions won the match in the third set with a score of 15-13.

MVP: Martin Bendzak

Mixed match report 11-Nov-2012

Match 1 – Newbury Mixed (won 2-0)

25-18 25-12

For the third round of games this season the Basingstoke Mixed team travelled to Reading Sports Academy where they met Spikeopaths Mixed 2 and Newbury Mixed on Sunday 11th November. Team Captain Jan Ngiam had 9 players to call on and the squad arrived at the Sports Academy in high spirits.

Ngiam selected her first 6 players for the first game against Newbury with Andy Coleman and Catherine Dimmock playing as setters, Martin Bendzak and Andy Bickle as middle players and herself and Frances White playing through 4.

Basingstoke was off to a shaky start as the team seemed to struggle to find the co-ordination on court. Inaccurate passes created a difficult task for setters Coleman and Dimmock which in return gave little room for powerful attacks from wing players Ngiam and White, and middle players Bendzak and Bickle. A couple of time-outs didn’t do the trick for the Basingstoke team as they never reclaimed their orientation and had to see Newbury take the first set 18-25.

Ngiam decided to make some changes for the second set substituting Anette Bickle and Rani Jakobsen in for Andy Bickle and Dimmock. The changes, however, did not turn the game around and Newbury soon took a sizable lead and kept the advantage throughout the game winning the second set 25-12.


MVP: Jan Ngiam

Match 2 – Spikeopaths Mixed 2 (won 2-0)

25-23 25-13

The second game of the day was against Spikeopaths 2. Ngiam started the first set with Bendzak and Dan Johnson through middle, White and Dimmock setting and herself and Coleman playing 4. It was a transformed Basingstoke team who now played with more confidence. Good passes and pickups from the block from Dimmock and accurate setting from White created good attack opportunities skillfully executed by wing players Ngiam and Coleman. With good blocking and fast reactions from Johnson at the net Basingstoke had managed to regain their confidence. Bendzak demonstrated what muscle power looks like with relentless and masterful spikes from the middle. It was a close fight but Basingstoke managed to win the first set 25-23.

Substitutions were made for the second set with Jakobsen and Ngiam on the wing, Anette Bickle and White setting, and Bendzak and Andy Bickle playing centre position. Basingstoke took charge early in the set with unrivaled energy and determination. White showed off her talent with precise setting while Ngiam contributed with her staggering defence and notoriously powerful service. Bendzak was in his element and won several points with brilliant spiking from the middle while Jakobsen showed fast reaction and tips at the front court. Andy Bickle put up a strong defence with excellent pick up at the back court and Anette Bickle helped powering the game with consistent serves and good sets to Bendzak and Ngiam. Spikeopaths never managed to retaliate the dominant lead Basingstoke had taken early in the set and saw themselves beaten 13-25.

Next mixed game will be at Queen Mary’s College 25th November against Spikeopaths Mixed 1 and Oxford Mixed.

MVP: Jan Ngiam

Ladies match report 4-Nov-2012

Match 1 – Oxford Ladies 2  (lost 0-2)

25-9 25-21

Basingstoke Lionesses, Oxford Ladies 2 and Maidenhead Ladies teams met in a triangular fixture at Queen Mary’s College on Nov 4th.

It was a nervous start for the Basingstoke Lionesses against Oxford Ladies 2, the Lionesses lacked co-ordination and were struggling to find consistency. As a result, the Oxford Ladies 2 were able to score freely against a rather dazed and confused Basingstoke team and unsurprisingly took the first set 25-9.

The second set saw a much better start from the Lionesses who managed to keep up with Oxford Ladies in the scoring stakes. The team’s cohesion and confidence seemed to grow, supported by accurate setting from Annette Bickle and excellent hitting by Caroline Bolognesi and Olgunn Tunheim, accompanied by Jan Ngiam’s strong serve.

However, the Lionesses promising start faded and Oxford Ladies 2 regained the upper hand to secure a victory at 25-21 and take the match.

Match 2 – Maidenhead Ladies (won 2-1)

25-23 18-25 15-12

Having put their shaky start behind them, the team began playing to its strengths against Maidenhead. The first set proved challenging as the Lionesses fought hard for every single point.

Caroline showed good speed and received well at the back of court to save points and set up good attacking opportunities. A further session of accurate serving by Olgunn Tunheim brings the Lionesses to a narrow lead of 20-19. The Lionesses step up their defense with excellent passing to the setter, accompanied by accurate setting by Catherina Dimmock and powerful spike by Jan Ngiam and Sarah Aspray.

Whilst Maidenhead were unable to convert scoring opportunities into points because of the Lionesses excellent defense, they contributed to some thrilling rallies ensuring the Basingstoke side earned every point. However, it was Basingstoke Lionesses who wrapped up the first set 25-23.

The Lionesses continued to edge ahead in the second set, but without achieving the dominance secured in the first set. A couple of fantastic dives and pick-ups from Olgunn Tunheim and good receiving defense by Annette Bickle and Sarah Aspray were some of the high points together with Jan Ngiam who identified the right part of Maidenhead’s back court which was poorly defended and exploited the weakness with perfectly placed scored hits. However, instead of securing the set and the match, the Lionesses lost their concentration and Maidenhead took the set by 25-18.

The third and deciding set saw Basingstoke Lionesses having poor receiving form at the start and losing 4 straight points at the start of the set. The powerful serve of Jan Ngiam brought the team back on track to 4-4 and Basingstoke regained their confidence and began to re-assert it. Sarah Aspray and Olgunn Tunheim produced an excellent performance close to the net, saving numerous points with some good blocks.

Unable to counter the Lionesses excellent team work, Maidenhead could find no way back. A well placed short serve by Jan Ngiam seals a Basingstoke victory 15-12.

Jan Ngiam was nominated the Lionesses MVP for both matches.